Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teacher Resource Page: Music Strategies for the Classroom

*This page is actively updated*

Music Therapy:

  • American Music Therapy Association - The official site for music therapy as a profession. This site includes a very informative FAQ section describing music therapy and its applications.
  • Prelude Music Therapy - Kathleen Coleman and Betsey King have developed many useful materials for use in music therapy. Kathleen is a pioneer in music therapy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and offers helpful information about music therapy in the public school setting.
  • What Happens in a Music Therapy Assessment - This article answers many questions that I regularly receive from teachers as I prepare to evaluate a student in their classes.
  • BEFORE Asking for a Music Therapy Assessment - A guide to screening your students before presenting a case at the ARD meeting. Much time will be saved by paying attention to the right kinds of reactions a student has to music before proceeding with a full music therapy evaluation.

Music Strategies:

  • Using a Gathering Drum - The children's gathering drum is a great way to gain a lot of "bang for your buck!" This is a list of 10 ways to use the drum in music activities.
  • Drum Circles - Tips and guidance for doing drum circles in a special education setting. Drum circles are very fun and motivating for students and can be very successful with the right planning!
  • Music Activities for Children with Visual Impairments - Children with visual impairments have special awareness of musical sounds. This article is a guide for using music more effectively with this population.
  • Try Out the Suzuki Q-Chord! - The Q-chord is an amazingly versatile instrument that many teachers find easy enough to learn how to play. You don't have to play the piano or guitar to facilitate music with your students!
  • Stress Management and Relaxation - Take some time to benefit from music assisted relaxation. Both you and your students can benefit from these useful strategies.
  • Parachute Activities - Useful ideas for incorporating goals and objectives into parachute activities using music.
  • Tuned in to Learning - This music and learning curriculum was developed by a music therapist and an autism specialist.

Tools on the Web:

  • Teacherxpress.com - An amazing collection of links to reference sites that are useful of teachers. Check it out and don't forget to bookmark it!
  • Songs for Teaching - This very useful site has educational songs grouped by category and subject. Visitors to the website can listen to music samples and view song lyrics.
  • Music Makes Sense store at Amazon - A collection of books, music and instruments that I use in music therapy activities or that I recommend for use by teachers and parents.
  • West Music - West music is a full-line music store with a very nice catalog and internet website. They have most of the musical instruments that would be used in a classroom setting. I have met many of the West music employees while working at conventions and highly recommend their services and products.
  • Ablenet - The home of the Bigmak! A site full of switches, adaptive communication devices, and functional skills curriculum helps.
  • LifeSounds - Chris Brewer is a musician with advanced training in Guided Imagery and Music. She also specializes in integrating music into the classroom. Here is a link to a great book about how to use music more effectively in the classroom!
  • Kangarooboo - I love the musical instruments available here! Many of them are designed as animals or characters and are great for stories and songs with themes!

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