Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Music Therapy and Caregivers

I recently gave a presentation about music therapy focused on caregivers for older adults.  I used this prezi as part of a broader discussion that included experiential activities such as a demonstration of progressive muscle relaxation to music and how to involve caregivers with their loved ones in singing and instrument playing with moments of structured improvisation.  While it is impossible to re-create the presentation here, I am posting this prezi for the benefit of those who attended the presentation.  In addition, here are a few good references in the research literature with helpful information about this topic:

Brotons, M., & Marti, P. (2003).  Music therapy with Alzheimer’s patients and their family caregivers: A pilot project.  Journal of Music Therapy, 40, 138-150.

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Clair, A. A., & Memmott, J. (2008).  Therapeutic uses of music with older adults (2nd ed.).  Silver Spring, MD: American Music Therapy Association, Inc.

Hanser, S. B, Butterfield-Whitcomb, J., Kawata, M., & Collins, B. (2011).  Home-based music strategies with individuals who have dementia and their family caregivers.  Journal of Music Therapy, 48, 2-27.

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