Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Music as a "Cure" for Depression

It is my pleasure to feature a guest blogger from Healthline.com...

Music is an unspoken language of love, hurt, healing, pain, and a thousand other emotions that can sometimes only be expressed in notes and melodies. Music has been proven to help people heal from all kinds of mental, emotional, and even physical problems. Depression is one of these problems.

Depression can feel like an insurmountable disorder to those suffering from it. However, there are many coping devices that these individuals can implement to aid them in overcoming their mental shortcomings. Some of these tools include writing, reading, exercise, and counseling. However, one of the most prominent things suggested for coping with depression is the use of music.

Music can work wonders for people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The reason is because music does not require actual words to express feelings.  There are several ways in which music can be used to help with depression.

Writing Music

Some people like to write music as a way to escape from their problems. Writing down one’s feelings can provide an outlet for pent up anger, aggression, sadness, and other overwhelming emotions that people tend to keep bottled up inside of them. By writing, whether it is in the form of rap, hip-hop, country, or any other genre, people suffering from depression are able to express their true inner selves and begin the process of healing from this life-consuming disorder.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Essentially Important Music Therapy

In the fall 2012 students at Shenandoah University began doing student music therapy services at a practicum assignment with the Essential Pieces program.  Two of the students continued to work at the center as volunteers this semester.  The program offers parents of children with autism an evening every week where they can network with other parents and learn more about autism spectrum disorders through lecture and discussion.  Meanwhile, the children are able to participate in music and recreational therapy offered by students from Shenandoah University.  On February 21st music therapy students were invited to give a presentation to the parents regarding the use of music for children with spectrum disorders.  ABC 3 Winchester has the story:
  TV3 Winchester Streaming Video - Congratulations to Ceara and Kerry on a job well done!

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