Saturday, March 29, 2008

Patient Resource Page: Music Strategies for Relaxation and Wellness

*This page is actively updated*

Music Therapy:

  • American Music Therapy Association - The official site for music therapy as a profession. This site includes a very informative FAQ section describing music therapy and its applications.
  • Music as Part of Rehab - How music as therapy fits into the lifestyle changes that must happen after a major cardiac event or surgery. Improving your mood and reducing stress are key elements in maintaining a healthy future.
  • How Music Works to Help Relaxation - Breaking down the elements of music to find out why music can be so powerful as an aid to relaxation.
  • Abstract: The Effect of Preferred Sedative Music on Anxiety - The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of patient preferred, sedative music on the state anxiety level of patients undergoing heart catheterization or pacemaker implant.

Music Strategies:

Tools on the Web:

  • Music for the Heart - A website that will present strategies to address the specific stress-inducing events that surround cardiovascular health problems. Recent research has emphasized the need for a holistic approach to health after heart attacks and cardiovascular surgery. This site will present tools and guidance to help patients elevate their mood, learn to relax and introduce music as a leisure-time tool to help them make the post-cardiac event lifestyle change.
  • The Mind-Body Wellness Center - This center features cutting edge research about wellness by Dr. Barry Bittman.
  • Music Makes Sense store at Amazon - A collection of books, music and instruments that I use in music therapy.

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