Sunday, December 2, 2007

FAQ: Suggestions for Sedative Relaxation Music

I am frequently asked about how to use music for relaxation. One of the most effective types of music for relaxation is classified as sedative. Sedative music is defined in part by having a fairly slow underlying tempo or pulse, around or below 80 beats per minute. The melody should be free of sudden jumps in pitch and without extreme high or low notes. The overall effect of the song should not be distracting, but still have aesthetic value.

Sedative music can be difficult to find on one album or in a single collection of songs. The proliferation of digital music, however, has made it much easier to separate sedative music from a collection and place it with other music for the purpose of relaxing. I have compiled a list of some music that can be considered sedative. The music can be used in any order and it is important that any music that will be used for relaxation be something related to personal preference. This list is not all inclusive and is limited in genre. There is much music available that can be effectively used for relaxation and the following examples may prove helpful.


  1. Nicamer Zabaleta: Concerto for the Harp and Orchestra in G major
  2. Mozart: Adagio, Sonata in E-flat
  3. Henry Purcell: Adagio from the Fairy Queen
  4. Mozart: Andante K. 525
  5. JS Bach: Air on a G String
  6. Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A
  7. Brahms: Lullaby, Cradle Song, Opus 49
  8. JS Bach: Arioso in F
  9. JS Bach: Concerto in D minor, Siciliano
  10. Schumann: Scenes from Childhood, Foreign Lands and People

New Age:

  1. Seasons: Sisters of Paradise, Guitar and Chamber Nouveau, Steven Pasero
  2. Seasons: Silhouettes of Dawn
  3. Rocky Mountain High: John Denver, Winter – Spring
  4. Watermark: Enya, Watermark
  5. Picture This: Jim Brickman, Sweet Dreams
  6. Forest: George Winston, Walking on Air
  7. Winter Solstice: Snow in the Prairies
  8. Red River Crossing: Marshall Styler, Red River Crossing
  9. Red River Crossing: Marshall Styler, Ballad of Brenham Road
  10. Reflections of Passion: Yanni, A Word in Private


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