Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Tunes! Delicious!

I use a number of different songs around the holidays, but one of them that has been a huge success is a song called, "Delicious." It is written by Leo Sevush according to the sheet of music I have, but I have never been able to find the original source. If anyone out there knows what book or collection it comes from, please let me know!

I usually play the song on guitar, but I have also recorded it for some of the clients and teachers I used to work with. You can listen to the recorded version by clicking on the record:

02 Track 2.wma

This song is great for many reasons, but especially for the repeating line, "Delicious, delicious..." This is an obviously difficult word for many young children or kids with speech impairments to say, but they absolutely love trying to say it all twenty times in this song! This very clear repeating line also lends itself nicely to the use of a Bigmak button for anyone who does not speak or needs an alternate way to participate.

I have made up a file folder with pictures of all the things in the song with a picture of a table so that the children can set the table as the song goes along:

Like so many file folder activities, you can make this one fit the ability level of your students or clients. You may want to let each participant choose what they want to eat for thanksgiving and just see if they can get the food on the table. Sometimes, I sing about a specific food and see if they can find the correct picture from a field of however many choices I feel will be appropriate. I made up pictures for all the foods in the song, but feel free to add more pictures and verses for foods your kids like.

I have transcribed a song sheet for guitar that you can see here. The tune will get stuck in your head for at least a day or two! Enjoy!

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