Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Sang That Song On the Radio!?

How many times have you thought of the words to a song, but can't remember the title or singer? This happens to me all the time! I often hear songs on the radio and don't have a clue who is singing them! I found this website by accident and have been loving it ever since. If you can remember just one keyword or phrase from a song you want to know about, then you can find the title, singer and complete lyrics with one click of the mouse.

This site is a great resource for music therapists because we are often looking for songs that talk about a certain theme or subject. If you are going to do a song activity about being a friend, for example, then just type in the word, "friend," and see what comes up. My search turned up twelve songs that at least mention the word "friend." The best part about the search is that it also links to you-tube videos that play the song you are looking at!

This is a great find! Easy to use and pop-up free too!


  1. Good one! Thanks for the helpful link. Did you ever hear of that iPhone app that listened to music, then gave you the artist, album, and song titles? It was called "Listen." Let's say for instance that it was just killing you that you couldn't figure out the name and artist of the song over the loud speakers. You could just hold out your phone and turn on "Listen." Within seconds, your phone would tell you the artist, album, and song. Unfortunately, the app is currently resting in peace, but I'm sure there's hope for the future.

  2. Yes, I do remember that! I heard about it and thought it was pretty neat, but I don't have an i-phone. (not yet, anyway! :)) I didn't realize that the app had gone away. Too bad. That would really come in handy!

    Thanks for your comment!


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