Saturday, May 15, 2010

Primer on Music Therapy from the Library of Congress

Concetta M. Tomaino is a music therapist and executive director for the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function. The Library of Congress has been doing a great series of presentations on Music and the Brain. Ms. Tomaino spoke on March 12, 2010 with a presentation titled: The Positive Effects of Music Therapy on Health. She then did a podcast discussing how music therapy has changed over the last ten to fifteen years and provided a wonderful modern primer on what music therapy is and where it is being used.

Dr. Jayne Standley from Florida State University did a presentation on May 14, 2010 titled: Wellness and Growth: Acoustic Medicine and Music Therapy. This presentation is not yet available through the Library, but I am confident it will be a must read in the future. I will try and link to it when I can. In the meantime, here is the podcast from Concetta Tomaino. It is only 17 minutes long, so well worth your time and manageable to fit into hectic schedules!

Library of Congress Podcast: Music and the Brain

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