Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Therapy for the Masses!

This story is rapidly going viral on the internet and I could not help but be part of it! What a great philanthropic project on the part of the Knight Foundation! I remember a similar event they did in the subway/train station there in Philadelphia. I am so glad that people in this new event stopped to listen. I think I only saw one lady still trying to make her way through the throng on some errand rather than just taking a moment to listen and enjoy. I was struck, however, by the number of people doing "air conducting." I love seeing how music affects people and how therapeutic it can be in all different kinds of situations. The choice of music was very important. Almost everyone knows the Hallelujah chorus and I think even the most hardened haters of classical music are secretly inspired by its majesty and musicality. Here is the video. I hope you will let me know your impressions and anything that you notice. Enjoy!

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