Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How "Big" is Your Music Collection?

...and does size really matter?

Have iTunes and mP3 players taken over your life?  Do you ever wonder what happened to that old controversy about losing the purity of music by compressing music files into smaller and smaller digital files?

Well, don't look any further!  In my efforts here at Music Makes Sense to simplify and explain the important aspects of music and how music works, I have located a simple article that explains the differences in digital formats and what all the hoopla is about using digital music.  I am recommending the article because it is like an MP3 files for "Dummies" type explanation.  Very easy to read and understand!

After you read the article, I am interested to know whether you have wholeheartedly joined the iTunes or maybe Amazon digital music library scene?  Do you buy compact discs anymore?

Do you worry that your MP3 digital collection is a slightly fuzzy copy of the original music?  And do you think the day will come that you will be sorry that you don't have the compact disc to go back to?

I am not personally worried about my MP3 addiction!  I love the freedom and flexibility iTunes and other similar digital platforms allow.  Unless you are listening with a trained and discerning ear under optimal listening conditions, you cannot tell that you are listening to an MP3 or a CD.  I still buy both CDs and things from the iTunes or Amazon music stores, but I don't lose sleep at night if I don't have a CD backup.

Find out all the information for yourself here:

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