Monday, January 2, 2012

Hospitals Have the iPad Blues

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For Hospitals, There's No App For That

I found this discussion to be very interesting simply because the iPad seems to be so useful to music therapists. The doctor in the article mentioned that it is difficult for them to cart around the iPad easily without an additional bag. Music therapists, on the other hand, are much more accustomed to carrying around several bags and things strapped to their backs and shoulders! An iPad may even cut down on the number of things a music therapist has to carry! 

The problem with the spotty wi-fi in hospitals may also affect music therapists trying to look up a patient preferred song or research about music therapy protocols. Has anyone out there experienced problems with this? Perhaps it is worth it to get a 3G iPad and tap into a phone data plan? 

The article also mentioned patient privacy issues. Does an iPad make that more difficult for music therapists as well? Are most music therapists using the iPad for applications, information and activities that do not require patient information or are they actually charting patient progress?

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