Thursday, April 5, 2012

Text alert! Danger of Impaired Learning

I currently teach a couple of college courses for music therapy students.  I try to keep the students very engaged and active in class by alternating lecture, discussion, role-play and simulations.  

But I have wondered about the proliferation of cell phones and the effect of streaming information in the form of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging on class participation.  Even with an engaging curriculum and motivating topics, there are still cell phones in pockets and purses or sitting on desktops, buzzing away, even on silent.  

I think my fears are starting to be verified by some new research.  It seems that lack of attention in class as a result of in-class texting does seem to have an effect on student performance.

What do you think?  Can you remain totally focused in class or in a meeting while engaged in a text conversation?

What about texting while you are on the phone with someone else?  Texting while performing in a concert??  Are we beginning to see signs of a sort of societal ADD? 


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