Friday, March 21, 2014

App of the Week: Singaling

I love trying out new apps for the iPad. And don't forget...many of the same apps are also available for Android.

Singaling was free one day in the iStore and I snatched it up!  It usually sells for around $2.99.*

This is a fun app just to play around, but I think it also has some good possibilities for use in music therapy.  Singaling is basically a vocal sound processor.  It creates cool effects for vocals.  You can sound like a heavy metal rockstar or add your voice to a classical choir in a cathedral.  It also has some fun effects like "chipmunk" or "outer space." 

 After reading my short review, it is worth your time to take a look at the demonstration video that follows.  The app is incredibly robust with features, but has a clean look and easy to use interface.  This is a great advantage for our clients, their teachers and parents.  
The app's main screen has large buttons and sliders, so that with a simple touch, different effects can be turned off and on even while singing or inputting sound.  The presets are awesome!  There are many different styles presented in a handy scroll list.  


Working with clients:  

  • I think this app would work great for working with children who have autism spectrum disorder.  In my experience, it is common for children with ASD to use their voices more when given a microphone.  For example, many of them love to hear their voice over a karaoke machine!  The Singaling app is just one more way to provide interesting aural feedback that is fun and engaging.  Some children with the ability to interact with the app will also find it reinforcing to manipulate the sound of their voices through the presets and easy to use buttons.  
  • This app would also be great for adolescents as part of inpatient mental health treatment.  The app can be used with inputs and outputs to really take music-making to the next level.  "Rock band" therapy groups are common in this setting and this app is so easy to use to make your voice sound very cool!  
What other populations are you thinking about after checking out this video demonstration?

 *You can try apps like "Appsgonefree" to find daily deals on other apps.   

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