Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Side Notes! A Common Sense Approach to Observing Earth Day.

Working in the music industry often puts me in contact with fervent believers in the peace movement, environmentalism, vegetarianism, animal rights, and so on. I do not officially take part in any of these causes, but I certainly don't hold it against anyone who does. I have many friends in music therapy and in the fine arts that participate in these movements. I do, however, like to take a more practical approach to taking care of our environment.

Earth day made me reflect on the recent controversy over global warming and how Earth day might play into that. While I think the jury is still out on determining whether or not mankind is responsible for any supposed global warming, I do believe that there are ways for us to be good stewards of the environment. I was walking in a park the other day and picked up a piece of trash along the pathway. I thought it was a shame that someone had left a candy wrapper on the ground. This sentiment also extends to all the cigarette butts that are thrown out on the side of the road. I propose that before we start getting all excited over what may or may not be global warming, we should take better care of our own backyards and neighborhoods! Pick up the trash as you go by and maybe we can use some more peer pressure to decrease the trash that is thrown out into the streets and empty lots around town!

Being a friend to the Earth does not mean you have to be politically involved. Just remember to, "Leave no trace," when you go on a picnic or walk in the park. If you take care of your own yard at home, be careful to only spread fertilizers and weed killers on the grass and plants so it does get washed into the storm drain. The environmental movement often addresses "big picture" ideas and causes but loses sight of the little things we can all do every day to take care of our world.

Pitch in and keep some of the beauty in our world!

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