Sunday, February 14, 2010

Horses Make Sense!

Michael Richardson has an incredible story. My wife and I know him personally and have always been impressed by his infectious character and positive attitude. I think it is great that horses can provide the freedom and mobility Michael lost through an accident. Many of my music therapy clients have also benefited from horse-back riding as therapy and as an avenue for moving. Michael was already a skilled rider before his injury and he did not allow personal tragedy to get in the way of his dream of riding and working with horses!

Michael is like the "horse whisperer," except on wheels! He is an extremely talented trainer with a gentle touch. In the same way some maestros can shape a symphony, Michael can persuade and develop a relationship with "difficult" or "spirited" horses. If you ever need a motivational speaker for an event, think about inviting someone who can speak from experience about overcoming challenges and reaching for a dream!

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