Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Side Notes: The Music of Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

You may already be familiar with Jacquie Lawson's e-cards, but I have recently discovered them and think they are wonderful! I became impressed by them after watching my 20 month old daughter become mesmerized by these cards! She even sings to the music! I admit that my daughter is exposed to a lot of music, but I think there is something special about these cards. Every card I have seen is beautifully rendered with warm colors and fascinating settings. The music is always classic in nature even if it is not simply orchestral. Sometimes the music is more playful with different band instruments. I think that the quality of the sound files and the thoughtful selection of music are key to the special nature of her cards.

Jacquie's website allows for previews of all the cards, so go and enjoy! You can click on the card above for some previews. I think my sweet little girl wants to look at some more too so off I go!

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  1. If you like jacquie lawson's ecards, you can also check out the artistic ecards from www.ojolie.com.


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