Monday, July 5, 2010

All Aboard the Opera Express!

I thought this was great! I love all the smiles and the people who did a little dancing with the cast members. At the end there is a great moment when one observer pumps her fist in the air! What a perfect way to demonstrate the power of music to inspire and improve mood. When was the last time you were smiling in the middle of a huge crowd while waiting for the train?!


  1. What a nifty and clever way to involve the masses in opera! Actually, the Reading Terminal Market is across from the train station and is, in fact, a market. They have a piano in there and people will periodically perform in the sitting and eating area. Perhaps what was nicer than anything else was to see a whole bunch of cheerful Philadelphians. :-) Go Philly!

  2. Thanks for the insider's view of the Terminal Market!


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