Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get your Groove on!

November 21, 2010.
American Music Therapy Association National Convention, Cleveland.

I will have the pleasure of presenting a session at the music therapy conference in November. I am very excited about the opportunity and I hope that those of you going to conference will be able to attend. I will be talking about some strategies music therapists can use to help them be more confident and comfortable using drumming and percussion in therapy situations. My presentation is partially based on the curriculum I have developed for a music therapy drumming class at Florida State University. I also took data on student performance and self-assessment that has provided some evidence of the effectiveness of the curriculum and its implementation.

I only have one hour, but I hope to share some activities therapists can start using immediately. It should be a fun hour with a good mix of me sharing and the attendees actively participating. I hope you will join me if you can!


  1. Hey there Daniel - what an excellent initiative! I laughed when I saw your photograph - I have a drum just like that from my copy of The Healing Drum Kit by Christine Stevens. I was lucky enough to meet the lady herself last weekend in London, when she and Barry Bittman were presenting the Remo HealthRHYTHMs facilitator training. I'd love to be able to come to your session - I'm sure it will be a blast! Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  2. Thank you so much Lozzie! Please stop by so that I can meet you if you are able to attend! I love Christine and her Healing Drum Kit. I think the logo on the drum is very cool and I use the CDs from that kit all the time. She is so nice in person and also has a great stage presence. I hope you enjoyed the HealthRhythms training!

  3. Congratulations on the acceptance of your concurrent, Daniel. It looks like there will be at least one CMTE and at least several sessions on percussion skills/percussion pedagogy for music therapists and MT students, as the need has been solidified in the current professional and advanced competencies. I look forward to seeing you in Cleveland.


  4. That's great! Congratulations, Daniel! When exactly is your presentation? I'll put it on my calendar.

    I'm presenting "Drumify your older adult clients" in Cleveland on Friday, November 19th at 3:45PM.

    Hooray for drumming!

  5. Yes, hooray for drumming! I guess I forgot to say that my session is at 8am on Sunday. I think I am still trying to imagine that it is at 10 or something! It is early, but I know it will be a great way to get the day started! Drumming can be the new morning caffeine!


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