Monday, February 28, 2011

February Headlines from the Daily Muse

The Daily Muse page at Music Makes Sense is designed to highlight current stories in the news or around the web regarding music therapy, music in general and music as it influences our individual lives.  I hope you enjoy this new feature of Music Makes Sense!  Here are the stories brought to you during February 2011.  

(2-28-11)  Here is some very interesting research going on about music and the brain.  They have a very cool movie about how the brain activity changes while listening to expressive music.  The research uses an fMRI to map the brain in real time:  University Press.

(2-27-11)  Here is the link for Amazons FREE mp3s!  There were over 2,400 songs the last time I checked!  Have fun by clicking here.

(2-26-11)  Attention music therapists!  One month to go before the submission deadline for the AMTA national conference in Atlanta.  The submission guidelines are here.  

(2-25-11)  Here is a feel-good story for the day!  Sarah Ely is a young and successful entrepreneur who also happens to have Down syndrome.  Apparently, music through music therapy services that are ongoing has been an important part of her life.  Here is the news story: Sarah Ely and here is her blog:  My Name is Sarah

(2-24-11)  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is currently mired in the courts.  I think it is important that we all try and keep up with how this situation plays itself out.  Not only will it affect all of our personal interactions with doctors and healthcare providers, but it will have an impact and unknown ramifications on music therapy services in hospitals, rehab centers and any current services that are reimbursable through some insurance companies.  Here is the latest ruling by a federal judge:  Judge Kessler.

(2-23-11)  The New York Times is reporting that people are reading blogs less and Facebook and Twitter more!  I am interested to know my fellow music therapy blogger's opinion about this story.  It is interesting, however, that I started my Daily Muse page before I saw this story.  The Daily Muse idea is exactly what they are talking about!  People moving towards quick tidbits of information and short stories.  I had no idea I was jumping on the bandwagon!  The story is here.

(2-22-11) is a great free website for creating your own bingo cards!  I have done this with song names and artists with great success.  Almost everyone likes playing Bingo, especially if you have prizes!  There are all kinds of non-musical objectives you can address through playing a musical bingo game that is motivating for the clients because you have used their preferred music.  I have had some clients be the caller and practice letters and numbers.  Focus and attention to task and receptive communication skills are well addressed through musical bingo.

(2-21-11) Now 37: That's What I Call Music.  Released last week and available through Amazon at a steal: $11.88.  I love these CDs since I can usually grab a few to take to groups and be reasonably sure that they will have at least a few songs that everyone likes!

(2-20-11) Representative Gabrielle Giffords continues to receive music therapy to help her speech.

The story is here.

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