Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where In the World is Justin Bieber??

I did a music expression group with some clients in an adult psych setting several weeks ago.  It was around Valentine's Day so I wanted to talk to the group about how it is important to have a strong social support system.  This might include friends and family if not a significant other, so there was no pressure about doing this for a "Valentine."  Since Justin collaborated with Usher on this song, I decided that it would be okay for an adult population.

Each participant rewrote the song, "Somebody to Love," by Justin Bieber and Usher.  After each person was finished with their version of the lyrics, they performed it through a karaoke machine.  The group really seemed to enjoy the activity and had tremendous fun performing their songs!  I thought that this song was easy to adapt into a fill-in-the blank songwriting activity, so I wanted to share my edits:    

Somebody to Love
Justin Bieber/Usher

For you I’d _________________________________
I’d tell the __________________________________
It’s time to _________________________________
Watch _____________________________________
For you I’d be (Whoa)
Just to _____________________________________
Step to the beat of my heart.

I don’t need a whole lot
But for you I need I
Rather give you _____________________________
Or we can share _____________________________
I know that I won’t be the first one
Given you all this attention
But baby listen

I just need somebody to Lo---ve
I – I don’t need too much
Just need somebody to lo---ve.
(Somebody to love)
I don’t need nothing else
I promise ____________, I swear.
I just need somebody to love.

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