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March Headlines From the Daily Muse

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"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans."

~From Beautiful Boy, by John Lennon

(4-29-11) is a cool website that combines elements of Pandora Radio and iTunes! You can choose your own theme and then put together a mix of music that reflects your idea. I thought this would be a great idea for patients in the hospital or music therapists working with adolescents. This could also be a worthwhile project a music therapist might facilitate in a support group setting. You can check out what kinds of mixes other people have already done and see the feedback they are receiving here.

(4-28-11) Recent research has been indicating that some lack of joint attention and use of gestures can be a predictor for autism in children as young as 12 months old. A new study coming out reports on a screening program that looked at some of these indicators. The researchers explain that the screening process might not be ready for widespread use, but it is an important milestone in making the process a reality. The story is brought to you by FoxNews.

(4-27-11) Kat Fulton at Rhythm For Good has written about her experiences doing Skype drum circles! I have had the pleasure of participating in two of her Skype sessions with my music therapy drum class! These "DrumSkype" sessions really are a different kind of experience and Kat has done a very good job explaining all the unique elements of a DrumSkype session. I look forward to the continued development of DrumSkype and "Telepractice"! Thanks again, Kat!

4-26-11) PBS just finished a series of programs on PBS Newshour about autism. Natalie Mullis at KeyChanges Music Therapy Services pointed out that Robert MacNeil received some criticism for his handling of certain questions during the show. He is supposed to address some of the feedback on the show tonight. It will be interesting to see how this is handled. The show was actually a series of broadcasts about autism and covered a wide range of topics related to autism spectrum disorder. I think it was very informative and thought provoking and you can find it here.

(4-25-11) I admit this one is a little old, but I am still amazed and intrigued by the creativity! I teach a music therapy drumming class and one of the things we experiment with is improvising different sound pattern loops that compliment each other. This musical creation demonstrates that you can make music from almost anything! Enjoy it here!

(4-24-11) Lori La Bey is an advocate for people with Alzheimer's and has a blog, "Alzheimer's Speaks." She recently shared a wonderful video showing a music therapist and a client with late stage Alzheimer's. Anyone familiar with this disease will immediately recognize the inherent power of the right music to connect with a patient who has this debilitating disease. The story and video are here.

(4-23-11) I have discovered Pamela Ott who writes the blog, "Music for Special Kids." Not only is she a music therapist, but she has many songs and some materials available for download that are really nice. I like her melodies and the singing is well done! I have subscribed to her blog and I recommend you do the same! Check it out here.

(4-22-11) I realize it is still Easter, but that means Mother's Day is only two weeks away! Amazon is having a big Mother's Day sale on MP3 players you can find here. An iPod nano would be a fun gift preloaded with all your mom's favorite music! And just in case you want to send something else a little special, you might try out one of the cards from Lydia's Handmade Cards! Remember, even if you don't see a card that specifically suits your mom, you can contact Lydia to make a special order for your mom or any occasion!

(4-21-11) Just in time for Earth Day, Alfred Music Publishing talks about how it is going "green." You can find all the fun facts here. I just don't know if I am on board for the waterless urinals!

"Music is an ever-moving blob of mercury."
~Roseanne Cash

( have to ponder this one.)

(4-19-11) This story on NBC comes from my home state! I saw the video several days ago as the news about it was passed around the local music therapy networks. I wanted to provide some wider exposure so I am posting it here. Way to go Texas MTs!

(4-18-11) I read this story back in January, but thank you to my colleague, Melissa, for reminding me about this new finding. Scientists have apparently discovered that music can tap into the most basic human pleasure centers by triggering the release of Dopamine. The article is worth revisiting. You can find it here.

(4-17-11) I have discovered music mashups! I am not really sure how they make these, but I really like this one. Jason Mraz, Bobby McFerrin and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole singing together! It is amazing how you can take three great songs and digitally smash them together! Enjoy it here!

(4-16-11) I recently highlighted The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris. Not only does Janice have a great weekly blog-cast radio show, but she also has a terrific blog! Here is an article she wrote about why music interventions can be so effective in engaging children with autism. Great examples and very easy to understand explanations! She really helps people understand how music makes sense!

(4-15-11) FilterMusic is a website that compiles radio stations from all over the world and offers them for live streaming. They have even taken out all the commercials, so the music is continuous! Check it out here to find your favorite station!

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Justin Bieber seems to be everywhere these days! You too can see him up close and personal! Play for Life is having an auction to benefit music therapy services at the City of Hope. Click here to make your bid!

(4-13-11) The ukulele craze has recently gripped the world of music therapy. We even had ukulele lessons and performances at the last national music therapy conference! The ukulele is small and relatively easy to learn how to play, so it can be a successful instrument to use with clients.  The following video demonstrates some more of the merits of the humble ukulele!

(4-12-11) Janice Harris has a very nice blog radio show about music therapy. She is a very experienced music therapist and a leader in the professional music therapy community. Her last show was about music therapy and autism. You can find it here if you missed it! While you're there, you can even sign up for her podcasts or subscribe to her posts by e-mail! Enjoy!

(4-11-11)The music therapists in Oklahoma have been working with their state legislators to create a new law that will allow the state licensing of music therapists. Their desire to have state licensing instead of relying solely on the national board certification credential has stirred debate nationally among the ranks of music therapists. I am not sure that I agree with their decision to pursue state recognition, but the following news story does explain some of the reasoning behind the fight. I honestly wish there was another way to gain recognition, but we may all be headed for the pitfalls of state licensing in the long run if it means that we can be reimbursed for services through the state and private insurance. The story is here.

(4-10-11) The UK Gaurdian has an interesting list of songs different people have indicated that make them cry. This is definitely something music therapists will want to look at! How do you feel about the songs already listed? What songs make you cry and can you add to the list? The list is here.

(4-9-11) The AP has a new update about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. She is still receiving music therapy and there is a good description of some of the music therapy interventions that are being used. The story is from the Seattle Times here.

(4-7-11) Robert Gupta gives an amazing TED talk about his experience with a man who has Schizophrenia:

(4-6-11) This is a great story about independent innovators really making a difference! Berklee apps reveal disabled children’s musical skills.  I hope these apps become available to everyone!

(4-5-11) I have not bee able to listen to all of these tracks, but there is probably some usable music in this MP3 sampler collection from Amazon.  And better yet, it's free through April 30th!

(4-4-11) The iPad is quickly revolutionizing our world, but it may be having an even bigger impact in the world of autism.  Here is a news story about some of the cool apps that are being used by children who have autism.  Can the iPad be a learning tool for kids with Autism?

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