Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Days of AMTA Conference Wrap-up: New Products!

This year's conference was full of new things to buy and look at!  Here are a few of the things that caught my eye!

1. The PAL for NICU units!  This is the commercial version of the Pacifier Activated Lullaby unit that has been researched by Dr. Jayne Standley and others.  The unit is very nice looking and will be easy to keep clean.  I like how it has an extra USB port for recordings of the mother's voice or other preferred sounds or music.  Take a look for yourself here!  

2. Boomtotes!  These have actually been on sale for awhile through Michelle Erfurt's website, Music Therapy Tween, but I finally got to touch and feel one in person!  The boomtotes seem like they could be very handy keeping all those crazy Boomwhackers in line!  I have been trying to convince her to make a "Mr. Boomtote" so that I can carry one around too!  :) ...I am thinking African patterns or camouflage.  What do you think?  Maybe we can start an on-line vote to help her decide!

3. New logo merchandise for the Music for the Heart symbol!  Okay, ...this was not actually at the conference, BUT, conference inspired me to redo the logo and improve the gear selection available with the image.  I created the symbol when I was doing music therapy with cardiac patients.  I think the symbol turned out nice and it does not have to be just for my music for the heart program.    


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