Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Resource for Adapted Guitar Lessons!

Dr. Robert Krout is one of the great professors of music therapy in Texas!  He teaches at Southern Methodist University and has published several books and recordings.  

One of his newest books is a method book aimed at guitar students who have special needs.  The book also looks like it will be very useful for the music therapist or guitar teacher who is facilitating the student.  Not only does Dr. Krout provide great examples on the accompanying CD, but the practice songs have specifically been chosen and written to have a dual role in the lessons. 

One song, for example, has lyrics that provide cues and language to talk to a person about how he or she is doing.  So, not only is the student learning a new chord or guitar technique, but also practicing and learning social skills!  

You really need to check out this great new resource!

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