Thursday, February 9, 2012

Music Makes Sense: The Essentials!

Here are some of the essential materials you may have missed over the last four years of Music Makes Sense.  

If you are a new reader/subscriber or don't always get to see every post, these are some of the blog entries you will definitely want to go back and save for future reference!

Music For Relaxation: A Flow-chart for decision-making.  
This is an important new tool to help therapists and others choose the right kind of music to help in relaxation.  I created this flowchart mostly from experience in the field, so please let me know if you see any areas that need to be updated!

Ten Tips for a Successful Drum Circle.
I have created and currently teach a new drumming curriculum for undergraduate music therapy students.  These are some basic ideas that I developed during my own clinical practice and from training with other legendary music therapy drummers.  Print these out and keep them handy for the next time you want to do a drumming activity in your group!

Top Ten Behavior Management Strategies for a Successful Music Therapy Group.
These are hard-learned lessons and tips from my time as a music therapist in the public schools.  Learn them, live them, love them!

Five Ways to Successful Drumming with Older Adults!
Drumming with older adults can be intimidating and a challenge.  But it can also be one of the most rewarding and successful therapy interventions!  Kat Fulton, another music therapist, is an expert on drumming with older adults.  I offer you five tips that can really make a difference.  If you want more, then head on over to Rhythm for Good and check out Kat's advice too!

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