Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adapted Song Series: Pop the Bubble!

Pop the Bubble.wav

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I wrote this song in order to take advantage of the power of bubbles. I often see special education teachers using bubbles as a motivation tool or sensory-motor experience. I had a client who needed to work on "P" and "B" sounds, so writing a song just made sense. I wrote the song so that children in a group could practice taking turns blowing the bubbles while clapping to the beat. Once there were bubbles airborne this naturally flowed into trying to pop the bubbles. I encourage my clients to say, "POP!" every time they clap their hands. For some of the children, they can approximate by saying the sound for the letter P or B. I like the fact that in this song the kids are clapping for their peer in support, but also practicing important motor and communication skills by trying to pop the bubbles. I just made a quick recording so that you can hear the song, but I often sing it without the guitar since I am facilitating the bubble blowing. The kids always love this song! Have fun!

Pop the Bubble!

D                        G        D

Watch ______ blow the bubble,

                        G            D    

Watch ______ blow the bubble!


Clap your hands and pop the bubble,

C                            D

Clap your hands and pop the bubble!


Clap your hands and pop the bubble,

        E7                A7

Say, p-p-p-p-pop.......Pop!


(and - POP)

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