Thursday, September 24, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock! Jam Studio.

I saw this website mentioned by some of the local music therapists and played around on it today. What a cool application! This is a really easy to use music factory set up to play loops. The key factors that make this studio so fantastic is the easy way you can enter chords and then save the song for future use. The real bonus is that it sounds great! If you have an internet connection for your classroom or music therapy session with a client this website has great potential!

If you are used to playing guitar, then the music is very easy to input into the site. You just put the chords in the slots and then choose your guitar style and drum rhythm and push the play button. I can see this site being a big hit for clients in junior high and high school. This age group likes to sound like the music being played on the radio and sometimes gets turned off by acoustic guitar and rhythm instruments. They can be part of the song writing process and choose the style of playing for each instrument. The kids or clients can even choose some of their favorite artists and have the song play automatically in that style. If the song comes out in the wrong key and is too high or low for easy singing, just hit the button and change the key! The sound of a completed song is very nice.

Give it a try! Take a break from Facebook and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Let's jam!

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