Friday, August 26, 2011

The Daily Muse: Therapy O' the Irish!

The Daily Muse     

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The Irish Medical Times

It looks like music therapy in Ireland is doing well! John Garvey is a music therapist in Ireland who provides a nice write-up about music therapy in the Ireland Medical Times. His article provides a little historical perspective as well as references to more recent research demonstrating the effectiveness of music therapy intervention. This is great exposure for music therapy and we wish Mr. Garvey success in his music therapy business across the pond!

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  1. Hello Daniel,

    I'm Loes Hogenelst and I live in The Netherlands. I got an email from your mother in law and she gave me the link to your blog. My daughther, Nina, is born with a brain injury and if you want to read her story you can go to:
    At the top of the blog you see a film with a party band. They played Lieveling (Sweetheart)for her last Saturday. Nina loves music. See the film.
    I'm going to read your blog.

    Warm Greetings from The Netherlands,


  2. Hello Daniel,

    I get the link to this blog from your mother in law. My youngest daughter, Nina, is born with a brain injury and she loves music. Last Saturday we were in Scheveningen and there was a party band playing. When the song was ended, the start another song. Lieveling (Sweetheart) from the Dutch singer Frans Duijts. What happens? See for yourself:

    If you want to read her story:

    I'm going to read your blog. I'm very interested, because Nina has a problem to control her arms and hands.

    Warm Greetings from The Netherlands,

    Loes Hogenelst

  3. Hi Loes,

    I am so glad that you have found my blog and may be discovering some new things about music and music therapy! I watched your video and it was clear that Nina really likes music! This band was so nice to come over to her so that the live music stimulus was strong and focused. This is the power of live music and the interaction between musician/therapist and a client. I am not sure of the availability for music therapy in your area, but I will try and look up some possibilities and post them for you. As you explore my blog, you may find references to many different types of instruments that Nina would like to explore. Reaching for and playing instruments may be one way to improve gross motor control. Best wishes to you and thank you so much for contacting me! I look forward to talking to you again as you find interesting things on the blog!


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