Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Group Leading Tips for the Music Therapist in the Acute Psychiatric Setting

Recently, I wrote up some thoughts about group leading in the psychiatric setting.  My focus was to help music therapy interns and/or new hires to be more comfortable and adept at leading small to medium-sized groups of adults in an in-patient acute psychiatric hospital.  This kind of setting is a little unique since there are so many different kinds of patients (we call them "consumers" because they consume psychiatric services...) together in one group.  Hopefully, the following tips will be helpful:

Group Leading Tips


  1. As a new intern in an psych hospital - thank you so much for this! And I'd never seen Scribd before, either. I'm so grateful for your insights and tips!

  2. I am really glad these ideas are helpful! Thank you so much for letting me know and good luck at your internship!

    Note: Scribd is a neat application because it allows me to post Word documents to Blogger without it changing the formatting.


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