Thursday, November 1, 2007

Music Moment: Christine Stevens

I added The Healing Drum Kit to my list of music to have in a "toolkit." This set of two discs comes with a nice booklet and flash cards to help you understand Christine's theory and purpose of drumming. My package also came with a hand drum. The kit can actually be used by itself since Christine walks the listener through the necessary drum techniques and many of the drumming programs have a voice over for instruction. I particularly like several of the drum circle facilitation tracks. These tracks can be played in the background or even as the rhythmic pulse for small group drum circles. I have successfully used the tracks to facilitate drum circles in a variety of special education classrooms as well as relaxation groups for adults, seniors and those in who have stress related medical issues. Drum circle facilitation tracks with an appropriate tempo, simple rhythms and adequate length are very difficult to find, so I feel that this is an important resource. Happy drumming!

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