Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Mood-Music Conundrum

Judith Pinkerton is a music therapist who also hosts the Music 4 Life Radio Show on iTunes. She recently authored a blog post at Corporate Wellness Magazine highlighting music to help with anxiety and mood.  

I really liked her discussion about how people tend to reinforce their current mood, even if it is an unhealthy mood.  This makes sense, since we often tend to listen to music that matches our mood.  Pinkerton is advocating for more of a mood music "diet", where you intentionally listen to music that reflects different moods in order to expand your mood "palate."  This may help to break the cycle of reinforcing the way you feel with music and then listening to more of the same type of music because that is the way you feel!  

Another part of her article touches on how it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right music to use to help with relaxation and to reduce anxiety.  I suggest that you take another look at my flowchart for decision-making in choosing the right music for relaxation.  This has really helped me in explaining the process and I hope it will be useful to you.  

Good night and be happy!  

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