Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Possible Changes to Georgia Legislation to Gain Music Therapy Licensure

The Georgia state senate bill to establish a music therapy license passed by a vote of 33-17 in the beginning of March.  The sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Renee Unterman, recently provided some insight into the surprisingly divided vote.  

She explained that other therapies were engaged in a little bit of a turf war over insurance billing codes, but made assurances that music therapists were not trying to take the place of speech therapists or any other therapies.  She went on to say that she will amend the wording in the bill as it makes its way through the house of representatives to limit the scope of practice of music therapy and any overlapping of other therapies.  

So we need to keep our attention to future developments.  This could be a battle that gets fought more than once as other states seek out licensure.  The interview with Sen. Unterman is here.    

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