Friday, March 2, 2012

Positive Results Reported From Gluten-Free Diet

So many of our young clients with autism are on special diets that we hope are helping improve social behaviors and communication skills.  The research literature has been back and forth in supporting the effectiveness of diets like gluten and casein-free programs.  

The most recent research looked at a large sample of surveys given to parents of children on gluten and casein-free diets.  The results of this study showed that there was improvement in social behaviors and communication for those children who had also had gastrointestinal problems before the diet.  

All music therapists working with children need to keep up with the research in this area.  Parents often ask us our opinion and we should be prepared to offer a response based on the research rather than anecdotal evidence.  We should also be observant of our own clients who start or stop special diets so that we can be part of the team that tries to determine the risks or benefits of the treatment.  

You can find the full story about the new research in Science Daily.

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