Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Second Call for Reimbursement Stories!

After the national conference for music therapy in November 2011, I sent out a call for stories about reimbursement.  In response, I received several inquiries from therapists about how to obtain information about reimbursement, but not many stories about how music therapists have been successful in obtaining reimbursement.  

I will be attending the Southeastern Regional Music Therapy Conference at the end of the month and will meet again with the reimbursement committee.  I am re-posting my call to action in hopes that you have been thinking over that last few months about stories to share.  You can send in your stores by posting a comment to this blog or contacting me through MMS on Facebook.  The full call to action follows after the break:

I joined the reimbursement committee this past year and am excited to take part in some of the new initiatives for 2012!  The reimbursement committee has the following mission:

Advocacy: Promoting music therapy means advancing public awareness of music therapy as a viable health care profession and as an efficacious clinical intervention. In addition, AMTA must continue to advocate for the provision of music therapy services in medical, educational, community-based and other settings.
2.3 Develop strategies that will support the development of legislation, regulations, policies, and programs that will increase access to and funding for music therapy services and programs.

To aid the committee in its mission, AMTA will  now have a dedicated webpage for the reimbursement committee.  The webpage will be accessible through the members only area of the national website.  The new AMTA website is creating awesome opportunities for the profession and it is exciting to be part of the development.  But, we need your help!  

We will be placing many kinds of helpful documentation and tip sheets to help therapists with reimbursement.  We would also like to put up YOUR stories about successfully getting reimbursement or even being rejected.  Please send me your experiences and mention any useful codes or specific healthcare agencies so that we can share the stories on the AMTA website.  You can send me the stories as a comment to this post or contact me here

If you have a blog or twitter account I would appreciate it if  you would link to this post, re-post, or tweet and Google+ this call for stories.  Let's get the message out and collect as many stories as we can!  Not everyone needs information about reimbursement, but gaining reimbursement for music therapy helps out the entire profession by increasing its prestige and status in the eyes of healthcare providers.  

Thank you!

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